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Saint John Bosco’s House Celebrates her Feast

The Feast of Saint John Bosco was held on the 31st January, 2016. It was a special day in the hearts of the members of the house. The day started with the usual Sunday mass/thanksgiving mass for the Feast of Saint John Bosco. The mass started at about 6.00 am. After the sermon by the Assistant Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Joseph Akande, it was time for the thanksgiving which was led by the house captain, and the priest blessed them as they all processed to the alter.

Soon after the mass, the reception followed in the school hall with the arrival of the MCs of the day, Igoche Peace and Odunu Gladys. The event started fully with the opening prayer by Mr. Jija Martins followed by the introduction of guests. Some of which were Mr. Iber Valentine the VP administration,  Mr. Julius Agbede, Miss Anna Tikyaa, Mr. Gwa and Bro. Jerome Agba.

The welcome address was taken by the House Master Mr. Abayol after which the speech by the principal was taken by the representative, the Assistant Dean of studies Miss Anna Tikyaa. In her speech she encouraged the house members to do better and also appreciated them for organizing the celebration in a grand style.

Subsequently, the history of Saint John Bosco was read by a member of the house by name Chimaobi Pamela, during this wonderful period the hall was silent and students were thinking about their lives and comparing it with the life of Saint John Bosco. And this wonderful history was followed by a drama about the life of Saint John Bosco, the drama was one of the most entertaining aspects of the feast because it starred the funniest students in the house, Obande Major.

A comedy was presented by one of the students by name Ageva Kator (Bovi). He made everybody to laugh and everybody attested enjoying that very moment. Other performances were presented by students of the house like dancing, miming, riddles and jokes.

The Mr. and Miss John Bosco pageant/contest commenced and the contestants came out in different outfits like their school uniforms, followed by English wears and their compound wears; after the contest the judges were all comparing scores to announce the winner. Meanwhile some students came out to present, for instance Awunah Dominic who presented a rap, dance by the school seminarian Bro. Jerome Agba and the heart thrilling dance contest between Dominic Awunah and Rev. Jerome Agba, after which another performance was presented by Atela Fustina who sang beautifully.

The judges finished calculating the scores and were ready to announce the winner of the contest. Behold the winners of the contest were, for  the Mr. St  John Bosco , the winner was Aber Teryila and for the Miss St John Bosco was  Mary Ndar. The winners of the pageant were crowned by Master Tsaga Charles the Mr. St Joseph.

The house mistress Miss Jessica Zungu gave the closing remark, she appreciated everybody for making the day a success and thanked everyone for attending the occasion and also said the closing prayer.

All Catholic Secondary School Games Naka 2016

The all Catholic Secondary School Games is an annual event organised under the supervision of the catholic education services headed by Rev. Fr. Godwin Udaa as the proprietor of all catholic secondary schools. This year`s event was hosted and took place at Mount La Salle College Naka with a reasonable number of schools under the Makurdi Diocese participating.

Among the schools who participated in this year`s event includes Saint Joseph’s Secondary School Nyiman, Saint Joseph’s Technical College Makurdi, Mount Saint Michaels Secondary School Aliade, Our Lady Of Mount Camel College Makurdi, Holy Child Secondary School Makurdi, Mount La Salle Secondary School  Naka, Saint Patrick`S Secondary School ,Saint Mark`S Secondary School Apir, Sacred Heart Secondary School Agagbe, Saint John Bosco Secondary School, Saint Mary’s Secondary School, Peace College all under the Makurdi Diocese.

The Saint Joseph Secondary School Nyiman sporting teams left Makurdi on 14th Febuary,2016 for the all catholic secondary school games to participate in Football(male), Basketball(male), Volleyball(male and female), Table Tennis(male and female), Javelin(male and female), Short put(male and female), Discuss(male), Badminton(male and female)

Before their departure, the Principal and Vice Principal had a brief talk with the students where they encouraged the students to work as a team and most importantly carry out their sporting activities with passion, care and also make friends but good friends in quote.

The team arrive Naka at about 4:20pm that same day, and carried out registration and were ushered into their rooms and were allowed to go around interacting with their fellow students from other schools before the day ended.

On Monday 15th February 2016, activities began with an opening mass with Rev. Fr. Godwin Udaa celebrating the Eucharist where he thanked God for all he has done for the Catholic Church especially the Catholic Education Services and the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi and he also urged students to pray, fast and give arms this season of lent and also to cultivate the virtue of humility.

Shortly after the mass, all participating schools gathered at the football field for March Pass and followed by the official kick off match with Holy Child Secondary School Vs. Saint Francis Secondary School Agagbe.

After the match the Saint Joseph football team played against Mount Saint Gabriel Secondary School with a goalless draw in the first half and Dekera Samuel scoring one goal in the second half with an assist from Aleje Clinton, defeating Mount Saint Gabriel Secondary School 1-0.

On 16th February 2016 began as usual with a mass where the sermon was about the need and essence of prayer.  After that Peace College vs. Saint Marks Apir for female football, Mount Saint Gabriel  vs. St. Francis Secondary School for Volleyball, Mount La Salle vs. Sacred Heart  Secondary School for handball, Saint John Bosco Secondary School  vs. Peace College for handball, St. Marys Secondary School vs. Peace College for male football match, Mount Saint Michaels Secondary School vs. Holy Child Secondary School for male table tennis and Saint Joseph Secondary School vs. Mount La Salle College for basketball where the SJSSN team defeated the Mount La Salle team with a 43-24 win

On another note, 2016 SJSSN team played against MOUNT SAINT MICHAELS and defeated them in basketball with a score of 38-23 and thereafter, the football team had a football match with the Sacred Heart Secondary School Udei defeating them with a score of 3-1 and later in the day they also played with Mount La Salle Secondary School in a volleyball match in the evening that day. The SJSSN football team also defeated Holy Child Secondary School in a football match.

On 28th February the SJSSN team had a female volleyball match which they lost to St Marks Apir 22-18 and later that day the SJSSN team had a wonderful javelin throw of 34.9m.

After the throws, Saint Marks Apir  and Mount Saint Michaels  Aliade attempted a riot but security personnel intervened and calmed down the situation which resulted to citizens of Naka Community protesting in the school compound and demanding for those who started the riot. However, due to various interventions from the security the heat was calmed down and the people around finally had a peace of mind.

On Friday 19th February, 2016 marked the football finals, award ceremony for the event participants, and the closing ceremony. The SJSSN football team lost to the Mount Saint Michaels Aliade team 5-2 in the finals on penalty shutouts.

However, below are the achievements of the SJSSN sporting team at the catholic secondary schools games;

  1. Badminton – (singles)boys- Gold(1st position; the school was represented by Samuel Aondoana Bartholomew).
  2. Badminton- (singles)girls-Gold(1st position; the school was represented by Ruth Orga).
  3. Badminton-(doubles)girls- Gold(1st position; the school was represented by Ruth Orga and Okwori Jennifer).

4.100m race-(girls) Gold (1st position; the school was represented by Winifred Terhemba).

5.400m race-(girls) Gold (1st position; the school was represented by Winifred Terhemba).

  1. basketball-silver (2nd position; the school was represented by the SJSSN basketball team).
  2. Table tennis-(singles)girls-silver(2nd position; the school was represented by Ruth Orga).

8.400m race-(girls) – bronze (3rd position; the school was represented by Winifred).

9.1500 race – (girls) silver (2nd position; the school was represented by Winifred)

10.100m race (boys) silver (2nd position; the school was represented by Nyitse Daniel).

11.400m relay (girls) bronze (3rd position; the school was represented by Gladys Odunu, Omada Ada, Queen Anchamber and Winifred).

  1. Long jump (boys) silver (2nd position).
  2. Discuss (boys) Gold (1st position)

In total we brought home 6 silver medals,7 gold medals, and 1 bronze medal. Overall the best female team and the 2nd best male team.

Sant Joseph Secondary School Nyiman JSS2 Students Visit The Apir Sub Region Power Station

The trip started by 10:30am after the long break, it was organised by the Basic Technology tutor Miss Zungu Jessica. The excursion was to Apir sub region power station. The first and second batches arrived and were addressed by the officers which included the safety officers and other workers. The safety officer spoke about worker safety at the power station.

The students were then taken around the sub region where explained how electricity is transmitted from the generating station to the distribution station before reaching the final consumers. The students were taken into the control panel operating room where all the electrical equipment are installed and controlled.

They were also taught on how electricity is transmitted from Enugu state to Makurdi and from Makurdi to Jos which is measured 330kilowatts, it also transmits to Gboko, Otukpo which is 132kilowatts, it also transmit to other parts of Makurdi town such as High Level, North Bank etc. and is measured 33kilowatts.They also gave explanations on how electricity is always available in the sub region,(meaning that if there is no electricity, the fault is therefore from the distribution station).

The power transformer is said to be the most important equipment and without the transformer, electricity cannot be transferred. They also explained how the high tension cables are very dangerous in the sense that if it touches the ground, it melts into water.  It was also explained on the process of using the transformer to step up and step down voltage. Thereafter the student had their refreshments and bid fare well to the workers and took their leave back to school at about 1:30pm. It was such a nice experience with so much knowledge impacted into the students.

Saint Joseph Secondary School Nyiman Defeats Vaatia College In The Opening Match of the ADZA Secondary School League

The St Joseph secondary school Nyiman basketball team arrived Vaatia College at about 3:25pm on 27th of January, 2016.


They had a brief practice session before the match began by 4:00pm. As the match was on and still in the first quarter the first four points were made by the team`s point guard Dominic Awunah and Agba Simeon earning himself 2 free throws and both of them making 8 points on the score board .Tamenbee Charles the school team captain added 2 points and a host of other fantastic players pushing the points up and ended the first quarter of the match with 19 points.

Vat2Tamenbee Charles earned 2 free throws for himself due to a foul from the opponent. Awunah Dominic took a three pointer and after some few minutes Agba once again added two points totalling 28 points in the second quarter of the game.

In the third quarter of the match the Vaatia team showed more seriousness. There was a positive change in their defence and the Saint Joseph team made only 6 points in that quarter totalling 34 points.

Vat4The fourth and final quarter of the game started with an unstoppable left handed lay up from Bo Torkuma another point guard of the St Joseph team which earned 2 points and Tarhule David the big man of school team alongside Awunah Dominic made the remaining point. The last minute play was a complete shutdown with the St Joseph team standing victorious after defeating the Vaatia team by a 42-32 win and sound of the final whistle.

Vat3The Vaatia team commended the St Joseph team for their spectacular play and received complements from the officials of the match and also the Vaatia looked forward to a match with them at their home.



JSSN SSS3 Students Excursion to Obudu Cattle Ranch (Cross River State)

On the 16th of March 2016 the SSS3 students of St Joseph Secondary School Nyiman embarked on an excursion to Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross Rivers State. The journey started at about 3:15pm with a word of prayer by the principal of the school Rev. Sr. Christiana Chia (SON), after the prayer the og journey started in earnest, while on the way, the students enjoyed moments of fun and interaction and  a great deal of site seeing on the way. At about 4:45pm they stopped at Gboko local government of Benue state, to make some repairs and get some air and refreshments. After that the bus continued the journey at about 5:20pm to Vandeikya Local Government Area of Benue State. While the journey lasted, there was more fun and the students even got to see some important places or sites that are concerned with prominent and important individuals of the great Tiv nation. The students got to see The Royal Palace of the Tor Tiv of Tiv Land and saw the royal cemetery where all the past ‘Tor Tiv’ of Tiv land had been buried. Then the bus past Lessel in Ushongo Local Government area of Benue state and the students also got the opportunity to see the house of one of the prominent Tiv sons the former Chief justice of the federation Chief Dr. Aloysius Katstina -Alu.


The bus arrived at Vandeikya Local Government Area at about 7:30pm.the students lodged at the prestigious palm hotel in vandeikya and after refreshments the students spent the night in the hotel. The students woke up at about 5:00am and after having their breakfast they took off at exactly 7:00am.the students witnessed more interesting sites like the Federal College of Education Obudu and the students also got to see the Mini-Airport in Obudu Local Government and the beauty of the outskirts of Cross Rivers State and also the elevated topography of the state. The bus stopped for some minutes along the way for the students to get some air and a few snap-shots. The students arrived in Obudu cattle ranch at about 9:50am and the students first of all got to see the river valley, the downhill cable car station. Unfortunately for the students the cable car operators were on strike. That caused the students to take public transport motorcycles uphill for an 11km journey, and then got to the canopy walkway. Using the walkway they got to an elevated point where they could see beautiful landmarks of the ranch.


Their next stop was the resorts that were uphill, they experienced and saw the beautiful houses and their wonderful architectural designs that were astonishing, they also experienced the humid climate of the cattle ranch with its moderate temperature, which was suitable for relaxation, vacation most of all high class living. So, the students got to see the Presidential Villa which is the official lodge of the past, present and future presidents of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. While at the villa they also saw the bulletproof window which the Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) ordered to be shot in order to test its efficacy and effectiveness.

Og 4

Furthermore, they also visited the Becheve Traditional and Cultural Grotto Mini Waterfall, the visit to the entire cattle ranch and all its tourist sites was a true evidence of Mother Nature’s works and wonders and the true cultural and traditional heritage of the Becheve people who live in Obudu hills. They also discovered that the Becheve people of Obudu are small scale farmers and they practice subsistent farming. Their major farm products are oranges, bananas, honey etc. They are also small scale business owners. Throughout the tour the students experienced a great deal of educative, enlightening sightseeing.


The end of the tour had come and the students once again used the public transport motorcycles to go downhill and after the head count the bus left the cattle ranch and headed for Makurdi. The bus arrived in Makurdi at about 9:30pm after a smooth, safe and successful journey through the hard work of members of staff that accompanied the students on the journey who included Agba Jerome(seminarian on pastoral year), Mr. Iorkosu Emmanuel, Mr. Adzenge D.K,( Dean of discipline), Mr. Tuhwa Terwase, Mr. Igba Terlumun and lastly Miss Nomnor Matilda.                                                                                                                                                                       Vacation Day         

The 18th March, 2016 was a day of joy to many students because it was the vacation day of the school for 2nd 2015/2016 session. The day started with the cleaning up of the school before vacation. After the clean up the students went for the final arrangement of their things and took their bathe. After some minutes they were all dressed up for their breakfast and vacation assembly. At about 9:00am the bell went for breakfast the students were smart in taking their breakfast and finished on time, after the breakfast it was now time for the assembly.

At about 9:30am all the students assembled on the assembly ground and the assembly started with the announcement of prefects by the Vice Principal Administration of the school, Mr. Iber Valentine. PREDuring the announcements the students were on suspense thinking of who will be considered worthy, a prefect of the school. And at the end they came to the most important posts which were the heads of the school, head boy, head girl and their assistants and the announcements were made and Imenger Joseph was given the assistant head boy, Grace Tarzoor the assistant head girl, Amue Mary head girl and Ifa Emmanuel head boy. After which the head boy and head girl gave their acceptance speech. In their various speeches, they both thanked the school management for finding them worthy of character for the posts and promised to give their best to the development of the school. After their speech the principal gave her speech in which she advised the prefects and students to be of good conduct at home and during the holiday. And wished them a happy Easter in advance, after her speech the outgoing Head Girl Miss Ruth Orga was called out for prayers. After which the students were told to move to their classes and collect their newsletters and tellers before they finally departed with their parents at about 10:00am.

Excursion to the Republic of Togo

French students of SJSSN embarked on their 4th excursion to the Federal Republic of Togo on the 27th March, 2016. At about 4:00 am students set up for the journey after they had their breakfast. A prayer was led by the assistant Parish Priest Rev Fr. Akande. By 5:0am, the students took off to Lagos and the journey began in earnest.  They  arrived Lagos state at about 11:30pm where they were accommodated and had their dinner at the Nigerian French Language Village, Badagary, Lagos.

Students were unable to make it to Togo on the stipulated day due to logistic challenges. Meanwhile, students were taken out on an adventure to the first primary school in Nigeria located in Lagos. TThereafter, they moved to a river that flows in two directions and also to the place were the first missionary gathering was held, and finally to the great Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON).

The journey to Togo kicked off on the 30th March, 2016. Before they arrived at  Hotel Bijour Lome Togo at about 12:00am and students were accommodated accordingly. The following morning, they had  their breakfast and prepared for dance and debate competitions. In the competitions, St Joseph Secondary School Nyiman performed excellently well and emerged the 1st position in debate, 1st in dance competition in the male category, and 3rd position in the female category.

TOOn 1st April 2016, the students were taken out to ECOWAS Headquarters, Afribank Headquarters and the Togo Sea Port. Send off party was held for all the students and certificate of attendance was given to them. However, students retired to Nigeria on 3rd April 2016.

Children’s Day Celebration on 27th May, 2016.

The children’s day celebration commenced at 2:00pm. The opening was said  after which the principal of the school Rev. Sr. Christiana Chia gave an opening remark. CD


The activities commenced with march past held among the four houses of the school (Saint Marys, Saint John Bosco, Saint Maria Gorreti and Saint Kizito) followed by a dance competition and chair dance.

Finally, the day’s activities came to an end, both student and staff had their refreshment. The results were announced. Saint Maria Gorreti emerged the best in March Past, Chair dance and the overall best house. Saint Mary’s house emerged the best in dance competition and Godwin received an award of the best dancer of the year. Also SSS 1 students were the best class dancers of the year. It was indeed a memorable day.

Children’s Day Celebration at Aminu Isa Kontagora Theatre Complex (AIK)

The event commenced at 10:00am. An opening prayer was said by a student of Mount Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School. The National Anthem was sung after which the chairman of Arts and Culture gave an encouraging speech to the students. Some selected students represented SJSSN at the Aminu Isa Kontagora (AIK). The theme for this year was “Culture as a Tool for the Eradication of Corruption”. Eight (8) schools were in attendance. The below schools participated in the various activities mentioned:

  1. Mount Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School Makurdi – Cultural dance, drawing and painting
  2. Nativity Private School Makurdi – Dance, Drama and modelling
  3. Wesley High School Otukpo – Drama
  4. Excellent Grace School –
  5. St Joseph Secondary School Nyiman Makurdi – Cultural and Modern dance, Traditional runway display, drawing and painting, and tye & dye
  6. New Covenant School – Drama
  7. First Baptist Primary School
  8. Tilley Gyado Secondary School Makurdi – Welcome song

After the various presentations by the schools, prizes were given to the schools that participated based on their performances.

The closing prayer was said by a student of Mount Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School Makurdi.

Career Day Celebration

This year’s career day was organised on 1st and 2nd June 2016 to motivate and encourage students to make their rightful choice career in various fields of human endeavour. Resource persons were invited from various fields of study to give a talk or educate students on areas such as entrepreneurship, pharmacology, guidance and counselling etc.  They spoke about the entry requirements, opportunities and hazards involved in choosing such careers. A debate was held between two houses in the school, St Maria Goretti and St Kizito on the topic “Students should be allowed to make their choice career. There was also a drama presentation revolving around career choice.

Career D2

Career D

The second day started off with a mass which was held in the school. Shortly after the mass, the presentations continued. A priest, a Rev. Sister and a lawyer gave their presentations. Also, a debate between the two other houses, St Mary’s and St John Bosco on the topic “Science is more important than Arts” was held. This was followed with a career parade of different professions. St Joseph Technical School was in attendance. They presented craft work and electrical appliance. Other presentations on the day include drama and school dance. A closing prayer was said and the event came to a close.

Visiting Day

The third terms visiting day was on Saturday 4th June, 2016. Parents and guardians paid a visit to their children/wards. The visit commenced at 10:00am and it lasted till 4:00pm. They accessed their children/wards academic performance by crosschecking their books. At 4:00pm, the parents left while the students retire back to their hostels.

2016 Mr and Miss St Joseph Contest

This year’s Mr and Miss St Joseph Contest was held on 20th June, 2016. The event began at about 4:00pm. The Junior category presented ten (10) contestants boys and girls respectively. The contest started with first outfit which was the black and white meant for unity dance. Secondly the prestigious school uniform followed by the sports attire, traditional attire, occupational outfit and dinner outfit. The last segment featured the answering of questions.


The contestants where;

Junior Category

  1. Adama David    – Anefu Regina
  2. Uba Moses     – Ahemen Ahire
  3. Anja Gabriel    –  Nomhwange Sonia
  4. Modi Benjamin – Gusa Nancy
  5. Ebegonye Michael – Orshi Joy

Senior Category

  1. Yio John             –        Odunu Perpetua
  2. Adoga Victor       –       Akume Yima
  3. Edigbo Maurice   –       Depuun Sandra
  4. Bee Joseph         –       Chianson Dooyum
  5. Ndar Mary

After all the display and demonstration by all the contestants, the contestant’s number 2 and 5 from the junior boy’s category had the same position. They were called out to answer other set of questions after which a winner emerged.



At the end of the day, 3rd runner up for junior category was Anjah Gabriel and Anefu Regina, 2nd runner up Adama David and Nomhwange Sonia, 1st runner up Uba Moses and Gusa Nancy. Finally, our little Mr and Miss Saint Joseph were EBEGONYE MICHAEL and ORSHI JOY.



In the senior category, 3rd runner up was Yio John and Chiason Dooyum, 2nd runner up, Adoga Victor and Ndar Mary, 1st Bee Joseph and Depuun Sandra, EDIGBO MAURICE and ODUNU PERPETUAL emerged Mr and Miss St Joseph respectively.



Compiled By

Jirgba Solomon                       –        SSS 3

Yio Joshua Terungwa               –        SSS 3

Tahav Daniel Orper                   –      SSS 2

Abari Iember Joy                     –        JSS 2

Melladu Sandra                       –        SS1B

Ashiekaa Emmanuella             –        JSS 3B

Ochokwunu Mercy                  –        JSS 3B

Ijege Mercy                            –        SSS 1B

Anongo Deborah                     –        SSS 2B

Odunu Perpetual E.                 –        JSS 3A

Edited By

Jato Solomon

Tuhwa Terwase

Torkuma Mercy

Anger Cletus


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