Our boarders have often described their boarding experience in one word, wow! The purpose of the boarding house is to provide a home away from home. Our house parents are amiable, thorough-bred professionals who serve as parents away from boarders’ biological parents. They provide not just the emotional support but also the academic support needed by students to achieve excellence. The hostel life is always fun-filled with activities (sporting, curricular and extra-curricular) which make the boarding life always a thrilling moment. As a result, many of our students find it difficult saying ‘goodbye’ to friends, teachers and classmates at the end of every academic year.
Boys and girls have separate hostels and are strictly prohibited from entering or loitering around each other’s hostels.

Hair Style
Hair must be well groomed and low cut. Attachments, wigs, ruffles, relaxer, and permanent or sporting waves are not allowed. Girls are not allowed to plait or weave their hair.

Personal hygiene
Students are required to hand wash their own clothes and uniforms, to groom their hair themselves, to bath themselves and take care of their personal hygiene by themselves. Make-up and any artificial appliances are not allowed (lipstick, lip gloss, blushes, mascara, eye lashes, nails etc), chewing gum are forbidden to keep at school.

Lateness and absence
Students are not allowed to absent from any school activity. No student is to leave the school without clearance from the administrator or the principal. Leaving the school without clearance will lead to expulsion of student.

As the school follows a biblical pattern that honours God and benefits the students, students must be taught to:

  • Respect school authorities and
  • Observe school rules and regulations to maintain all established standards of behaviour.
  • Exude good manners must be observed at all times, within the school and outside.
  • Avoid obscene language, immoral communication (written or oral). Obscene materials are not allowed.
  • Know that bullying, fighting, telling lies are not allowed.
  • Resist stealing, vandalisation/destruction of school property as this is prohibited. All prescribed drugs must be registered and administered by the school matron/nurse.
  • Not engage in any form of examination malpractice. Exam malpractice shall be sanctioned with expulsion.
  • Respect and obey all those in authority over them and will address adults by their titles and surnames, i.e. Mr. (Name).
  • Be properly dressed at all times. Uniforms are provided by the school only. Outgrown uniforms must be replaced immediately.
  • Not be found roaming around and consulting a nuisance to others
  • Students are not allowed to bring or use handsets in the school.
  • Be at their best behaviour at all times.

Parents are required to support the school with strict disciplinary rules at home to reinforce school rules and activities. All students should be trained to be diligent.
Parents are required to respect whatever disciplinary measure that is enforced at school and must not be seen to condone such actions, as this would grossly interfere with the school’s mission and motto “Service and Humility” and disrupt the academic and behavioural progress of their child.

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